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We are the company called R AND L COMPUTER REPAIRS AND WEB DESIGN (PTY) LTD. Although, we are more than a year but we believe that what is important is not only being in many years in the industry but quality service, knowledge of your product and quality of your product. On top of it all being humbly is one of the key factors in learning quikly from experienced persons and fortunately there are experienced ones who are willing to assist new ones.

Our vision as R AND L COMPUTER REPAIRS AND WEB DESIGN is very clear if you have considered our homepage. Moreover, it is not about making money but also to improve the lives of individuals. There are young ones in our Society who were unable to go to University and some of them did not even complete their basic education and we want to train those ones to become Website Designers and Website Kwikwap Consultants. In these days you need to acquire skill that will help you to put bread on the table and  that skill can also improve your life. We want R AND L COMPUTER REPAIRS AND WEB DESIGN company to grow so that it can contribute in minimizing unemployment in these critical times that are hard to deal with.

As mentioned earlier, there are only two of us who are working for this company but we are anticipating growth in the future. By the support of individuals we will make this company,s vision succeed and please use whatever you can to support us.