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Please see information below with regard to our short courses which we are confident that they can be of benefit to the youth. They will not create job opportunities but they also empower the young people to start their own businesses:




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  1. Smartphone repair: a. COURSE CONTENT: 


    • Hardware Troubleshooting Basics
    • How to Troubleshoot Not Charging Issues
    • How charging circuit work
    • Charger Not Supported
    • Not Charging
    • How SIM Circuits works
    • Insert Sim Card Problem
    • Invalid Sim Card
    • Understanding The LED light Circuits
    • Explanation on How Audio Circuits work
    • Mouthpiece
    • Earpiece
    • Buzzer
    • Ringer
    • Headset
    • Vibra motor
    • How LCD Display Circuit Works and how to replace LCD and Touch screen
    • How to fix water damaged phone.
    • bDURATION: 3 MONTHS. Studying the manual while attend at our workshop for practicals under the supervision of our qualified facilitator. Attend once or twice a week. Shown how to use repairing tools. Shown clearly how to start your own smartphone repair shop or business.
    • c. COMPLETION OF THE COURSE: We will have internal assessment at the performance of each candidate by our qualified ETDP Seta registered qualified Assessor. Thereafter issue certificate of course completion, reflecting workshop exposure.
    • d. MENTOR SHIP: Mentoship means that those who start their businesses will be referred to NYDA, SEDA and other government provisions to empower youth. They will be given free advice by our training centre, introduced to suppliers and be supplied with discounted price while they trying to find their feet.
    • e. Tools: Unfortunately they have to buy their own tools which are not very expensive. Funding can also assist.